SoCal Platinum Properties is located in San Dimas, California. In the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, our boutique company is your one-stop shop for residential and commercial real estate as well as mortgage lending. We offer concierge service, which means we manage all steps of your home buying and selling experience. With lots of different companies involved in a single transaction, important matters can slip through the cracks. This also helps us quickly close deals! Our team of experienced real estate and mortgage brokers oversee your entire transaction from start to finish. This benefits our clients because we don’t farm them out to other firms to prequalify, secure a loan and/or list and show property. We direct the entire operation. Working directly with you from the start, we customize your home buying and selling experience to meet your needs, according to your timeline and within your budget.


Jorge and his team are remarkable. It took us two years to realize our dream of buying a home. Jorge walked us through the process in those two years. Always available to answer our questions and diligent in educating us about the numbers and the lingo until we understood. He was very patient, we never felt rushed. Once we were ready to make our purchase he made the process go fast and smooth. We would highly recommend giving Jorge a call if you want a more personal experience.

This review first appeared on Yelp.

Alice S.
El Monte, CA

I’ve never felt more safe and comfortable for the entire process of re-financing my home. Jorge is a “pick it up on the first ring” kind of guy. Jorge makes the entire ordeal painless.

This review first appeared on Yelp.

Donalt B.
Duarte, CA

I honestly believe purchasing a home is one of the most exciting and stressful events one can endure. I found myself selling my home in Nevada while looking to buy a home in California. I was utterly overwhelmed. Then, I was gifted with a Godsend, Ron Johnson and Jorge Abich. This fantastic team indeed turned my dismay into joy. First, they helped me find a personable and talented realtor in Nevada, while they began searching for properties for me in California. Because of them, I had my Nevada home in escrow in less than a week and found my dream home in California. Ecstatic and overjoyed with the journey; and I am forever grateful for their expertise, candor, and empathy. I can genuinely say I can’t wait to purchase my next property, all because of my experience with Ron and Jorge.

Rochelle W.
Rancho Dominguez, CA

Jorge assisted my husband and I purchase our forever home in the Summer of 2020.  We definitely put his skill set of real estate knowledge and the loan approval process to the test as we had many obstacles to overcome with debt resolution ranging from taxes to collections and multiple properties affecting our debt to ratio conversion.  Jorge’s extensive knowledge was crucial with our home purchase and we are forever grateful for all the extra hoops he had to jump through to close our deal.  We appreciate his patience and professionalism with us for over 1 year to find our dream property.

Christopher and Tiffany Montoya

This is the second time working with Jorge and first time working with Ron. So, what I can say is they are a great team to work with. Jorge and I were talking about selling a property for several years and when the opportunity came, they helped my family list the home fairly quickly…and sell at a great price. The home needed cosmetics/updates and of course, it turned out the contractor was one of those typical shady characters. Jorge and Ron helped by making sure permits were pulled and this contractor did what he was supposed to do. Needless to say, they endured the headaches that I had to deal with and helped get the project done properly. I am very grateful they helped and made this sale happen.

Lydia C. Miles

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