Property Listing

With 45 years of combined experience working in the San Gabriel Valley, LA Basin and Inland Empire, we know the area well. This experience benefits home and commercial building sellers because we understand the market. Determining the right price for a property is an art rather than an exact science. Working closely with the seller, we use a unique formula which combines comparable listing prices with the unique features inherent in any given property. Then, we set a price and skillfully advertise in order to sell the listing fast!


We value your time by determining how much you can borrow right up front. By pre-qualifying our clients, we show them what they can afford so they shop within their means. Why waste your time hunting for houses that could put a strain on your monthly budget? After all, you may not want to spend as much as lenders say you can afford. We work with you to help determine your comfort zone. What’s more, our in-house real estate team gets to know your wish list, so we can find you the home of your dreams while staying without breaking the bank.

Loan Application

After pre-qualification, we initiate the loan process even while you’re touring properties. While we won’t be able to complete the paperwork until you’ve selected a property and put in an offer, we get started to make sure that you’re perfectly positioned when the right property comes along.

Loan Funding

We manage the mountain of paperwork required for every real estate transaction in the state of California. We help you collect documentation and offer advice relative to clearing up credit issues that might otherwise undermine your lendability. We also work with the seller’s real estate agent to put together an offer that sets you apart, so you’ll qualify for the property of your dreams. We also work with the seller’s agent to designate an escrow and/or title company which will manage funds once the loan is approved. Once funding is approved, we oversee the rest of the process to make sure escrow closes on time.