Hot Housing Market

Hot Housing Market

Hot Real Estate marketMost industries tanked during the pandemic. Consider hospitality, construction, entertainment, travel, transportation, and retail. However, the opposite is true of real estate. In fact, experts agree that the housing market remains hotter than it has been in years across the country. The same can be said of housing in the San Gabriel Valley, where SoCal Platinum Properties is based. Homes and other investment properties are selling fast. In fact, many sell for well above asking price. Low inventory pushes people to pull the trigger on buying a home instead of waiting at the risk of losing a desired property.

Current Housing MarketReal Estate San Gabriel valley

  • 701,000 new houses were sold in the United States this year.
  • Nationally, the average price in 2019 was $307,750. In 2020, it was $601,428.
  • The average down payment for a new home is $59,880. (No doubt California brings up that average.)
  • The average sale price in California in 2019 was $582,500. In 2020, that figure was $1,379,427.
  • The current average time it takes to sell a home in California — from listing through closing — is approximately 85 days. That’s 50 days to get an offer, plus the typical 35-day closing period.
  • The homeownership rate in the third quarter of 2019 was 64.8%.
  • The median sales price for houses bought in September 2019 was $299,400.
  • The National Association of Realtors reports that, at 37 percent, Millennials are the biggest buyers on the housing market.
  • Thirty-three percent of people who purchase a home in the United States are first-time home buyers.

Real Estate Picture San Gabriel ValleyWhat the Hot Housing Market Means for Buyers & Sellers

With homes selling so quickly and at such high prices, homes spend far less time on the market than what was once common. But this could embolden homeowners to try to represent themselves. After all, since it’s so easy to sell a home, why should they relinquish part of their profit to hire you? But this is a big mistake. Consider the following:

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent in a Hot Market

  1. Leave it to the Pros
    Although you could probably teach yourself how to bake bread, no matter how much time you spend pouring over cookbooks, you will never be a professional baker (unless that’s your full-time occupation!) As a result, you might come close, but you won’t be able to produce professional results if you’re an amateur. When it comes to selling your house, this is also the case. You may well be able to figure out how to list your own home. But you will not have access to the Multiple Listing Services, nor will you be able to run comps. Since this is the case, you won’t know how to set your price to sell.
  2. Writing Offers is a Delicate Process Writing an Offer on a House
    If you don’t know how to make your offer stand out, you could miss out on the home of your dreams. Don’t make this mistake. Hire someone who knows the market and can position your offer, so it wins the day. In today’s hot Southern California housing market, multiple offers are the norm. Without years of applicable experience, you could leave money on the table as a seller or pay more than you need to as a buyer.
  3. Bottom Dollar
    A 2017 study indicates that FSBOs fetched 30 percent less for their owners than agent-listed properties. This is far more than the commission you would pay an agent. What’s more, you will likely pay a commission if the buyer of your listed property is represented by an agent. The buyer’s agent’s commission is typically factored into the deal. So, why not use an agent if you’re the buyer? After all, the seller pays the commission, not you. Of course, the seller could refuse to do so. But since this is a sellers’ market, the one who lists the property generally has the upper hand.
    Write Real Estate Offer
  4. Eagle Eye

Most buyers know what they want from a property, from the number of bedrooms to location. You’ll probably jump at the chance to make an offer for homes which fit this narrow profile. However, a real estate agent is well acquainted with issues that might not cross the average buyer’s mind. Someone with experience will recognize telltale signs of potential problems and can warn you before you borrow trouble. What’s more, they will know how to address them. This type of experience and knowledge can end up saving you thousands down the road.

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