Real Estate Tech

Real Estate Tech

Real Estate TechIn 2021, it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t rely on technology to complete most of our daily tasks. Prior to the pandemic, we used technology often. But COVID-19 and associated lockdowns and Zoom meetings has given rise to even greater buy-in to digital life. The associated good news is that technology today makes life easier on many fronts – including improving our chances for finding the right home to buy and/or selling the one we already have. A National Association of Realtors survey shows that 89 percent of buyers use online tools in their home searches. So, to sell your home with ease, make sure your realtor and you team up to use as much great tech as you can. Use real estate tech to your advantage.

  1. Real Estate AppsTechnology for Real Estate

    Millennials tend to look at listings on their smartphones while waiting for their kids to get out of school, while watching television and in waiting rooms, such as the doctor’s office. Apps designed especially for this purpose are performing better than ever. Every major real estate portal offers an app, as do many real estate brokerage firms.

  2. Real Estate Tech Drones

    Real Estate DroneUsed by companies to take aerial photos of large properties and expensive homes which feature views, these flying robots provide a bird’s eye view. This is perfect for any buyer who doesn’t have access to a private plane or a parasail.

  3. E-Docs for Real Estate E-Docs

    You could potentially view and sign applications and loan documents online or through an app. Using virtual signatures saves trees as well as time. Although no substitute for final documents, several stages can be eliminated by using helpful electronic versions of documents that used to require face-to-face meetings.

  4. Real Estate Tech Maps

    Real Estate Tech MapOn real estate agents’ websites, real estate portals, local property appraiser websites and Google Earth empower buyers, regardless of their current geographical location. Why limit buyers to people who live in your current zip code? Make sure your agent checks your home’s online listing to make sure information is up to date. This will enable prospects to see the neighborhood for a home they’re considering.

  5. Professional PicsReal Estate Photos

    Cellphone snapshots are all the rage for Facebook status updates. But, when it comes to putting your best foot forward in real estate, you need to invest in professional photography. Today’s buyers search online using tablets, smartphones and computers, all of which appear in high resolution. So, make sure your house looks great. You could use technology to book a professional photographer. But why not, instead, use it to find a real estate agent who has connections

  6. Social Media

    Real Estate TechAre you making use of this powerful marketing tool? Social media is a great avenue for sharing homes for sale. Facebook is a powerful tactic to help homes sell fast. Since most buyers admit to using online tools in their home searches, you can’t afford to work with an agent who doesn’t utilize the tools herself. We post new listings on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and on traditional real estate mediums such as MLS. Work with a social media-savvy real estate agent (such as Ron Johnson) so you will be positioned to sell your home. Facebook constantly changes algorithms, relative to which material shows up on people’s feeds. If you hire someone who doesn’t understand or use social media themselves, they won’t be able to help you make the most of these platforms.

  7. Virtual ToursVirtual Tour Real Estate

    Show buyers how your home’s rooms are connected. A great way to do that is with an interactive floor plan. With this type of technology, you can provide one step better than a slideshow. Prospects can walk through the home before they arrive on your doorstep. This will help eliminate looky-loos and pre-qualify interested parties. Doing a “walk through” with this type of video enables buyers to see the home the way they would if they could physically tour it.

  8. YouTube
    Real Estate TechToday’s real estate videos go beyond virtual tours of empty homes that were all too common in this technology’s infancy. Today’s videos feature narration, music and active people enjoying property features. Ask your agent if he or she plans to film your home and upload a keyword-tagged video to YouTube.

With so many buyers searching for homes on mobile devices, sellers need to make sure their listing looks great on a smartphones and tablets. Your listing should feature great photos, using a high-resolution camera, because that translates best to mobile.  In March 2021, home buyers viewed 600 million homes on mobile apps. That is 223 homes per second. If you are looking for a tech-savvy attentive real estate agent to list your home or help you search for a new one, look no further than SoCal Platinum Properties, Inc. We will help manage all of the real-world and e-world sides of your real estate transaction.

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