Selling a Home? 6 Questions to Ask

Selling a Home? 6 Questions to Ask

Sell a home in SoCalWhen you prepare to start selling a home, questions about logistics and the financial ramifications of your decision could keep you tossing and turning at night. To help you get some sleep, we have addressed the top six questions to ask an agent before listing your home. We hope the information puts your mind at ease.

1. How to set sales price when selling a home?Home Sales Price

A real estate agent examines comparable sales in your area. They also consider current competition among active listings. They typically eliminate unusually high and ridiculously low prices as outliers. The resulting baseline emerges as the price range.

2. Which improvements optimize a home’s resale value without breaking the bank?

outdated house on the marketAgents walk through the home to look for necessary repairs. They spot out-of-date fixtures that might deter unimaginative buyers. They may also suggest additional modest updates which add offer a solid return on investment.

You may not want to install a new kitchen or bathrooms. Although these areas sell homes, you may not get the money back when you sell. However, if the home is severely outdated, you may need to do some heavy lifting to realize the sale price of other homes in your neighborhood which feature recent upgrades.

3. Is bigger always better relative to pre-sale home improvements?Curb Appeal to Sell

According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), the most cost-effective improvements (with the highest ROI) include those items related to curb appeal. A new front door or a fresh coat of paint inexpensively but significantly affect the way prospects perceive the home. In addition, deep cleaning, and decluttering cost little to nothing, while wowing potential buyers.

4. What if I don’t make improvements before selling a home?

As Is house for SaleIf you are unable or unwilling to make changes or improvements to your home, never fear. Although failure to upgrade will affect the bottom line, you and your agent can decide to list your property for sale as-is. This alerts potential buyers not to try to negotiate about repairs or damage. However, if you go this route, expect to collect less profit than if you invested in the front end.

5. How will the realtor market my listing?Woman working on computer at wooden desk

An agent may market your listing in many ways. These depend on the norms for your region, as well as your property’s unique features. Marketing may include signage, photography, and a well-written property description. On the other hand, it may be as elaborate as print and TV ads, drone videography, and outreach to international buyers. (These strategies appeal to multi-millionaires).

5. After agreeing on a price and opening escrow, what happens next?

house in escrowBuyers hire a home inspector to check out the home and recommend repairs and improvements. The inspector may identify a major problem. If this occurs, the buyers may ask for a more in-depth inspection. If the inspector identifies only minor issues, the process may proceed.

You may want to take off during the inspection process. Some homeowners find inspections stressful. If you would like to point out special features, ask your agent to provide the inspector with service records and information about the home’s systems.

6. If the buyers submit a list of requested repairs, can you refuse?Refuse to Repair House

You can always refuse to make repairs that are requested from your buyers. If you do so, know that they may choose to walk away from the deal. Ask your agent whether you should make some, all, or none of the requested repairs. Alternatively, you could provide a credit at closing toward the repair costs.

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