Choosing a Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Lender

Choosing a Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Lender

Choice of Agent or LenderPeople use the word “concierge” to reference customer service in virtually every industry. Whether it’s hospitality, automotive, or shopping, people love to boast that they offer “concierge service.” We say the same thing about our real estate agents and mortgage lenders, at the risk of overusing the term. Why use it? Because it succinctly describes the level of care our real estate and mortgage lender helps home buyers and sellers navigate the housing market. R

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

You have probably heard someone share the horror of a difficult real estate transaction. By and large, such experiences result from either the lack of an agent altogether (when people choose to DIY) or when they work with someone who is new to the field. Since real estate is typically your largest purchase, don’t go it alone. That’s rule #1. For more tips, read on:

  • Choose the PersonReal Estate Choose Agent

    During the house-hunting and/or home-listing get-go, you’ll probably spend more time on the phone with your realtor than with your own spouse or kids! So, make sure you choose to work with someone you like. If you sign with a company which assigns you to an anonymous agent, you could end up dreading the entire somewhat intense experience. Instead, ask for recommendations from family and friends. Or read reviews. However, the most important point is that you go with your gut. If you like your real estate agent, you’re on your way to a pleasant and profitable experience.

  • Don’t Settle for Inferior Service

    Poor Customer ServiceYou should be able to tell early on whether a real estate professional is attentive to your needs. Don’t sign with them until you’re sure they listen to what you say and care about what you want. If they spend most of the time talking rather than listening, you may want to look for someone new. The right realtor will not only meet your expectations, but they should also exceed them. Our realtors go above and beyond when it comes to meeting with clients. We try to anticipate their needs so that they are pleasantly surprised. Until you find an agent like that, keep looking.

How to Select a Mortgage LenderMortgage Lender Choice

You may want the mortgage professional you work with to have access to multiple lenders. A broker, rather than a lender, can match you with the best loan option for your situation. A mortgage broker reviews offers from a network of mortgage lenders. Then, he advises you about the best loan offer. Finally, she acts as an intermediary between you and the lender. The broker will further work on your case by gathering documents to provide to the underwriter. Although you may incur a fee applied at closing for using a loan broker, the availability of numerous options means you will be matched with the perfect loan rather than the one that your lender has access to. Either way, you should review and compare fees as well as services offered.

  • Ask for Referrals

    Referral for real estateWhen it comes time to choose a mortgage lender, ask friends and real estate professionals for reference. They might suggest a lender or broker they’ve worked with and can recommend. At SoCal Platinum Properties, Inc., we have assembled a professional team, complete with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and escrow officers. Since we work together every day, we run a finely tuned organization, which benefits every client we serve.
    Junior Employee

  • Find Out if They’ll Farm You Out

    In some large organizations, you may initially sign with a broker only to be passed on to a junior lending professional. To avoid this, find out who will serve as your point-person throughout the entire process.We love working with our clients from start to finish. At SoCal Platinum Properties, Inc., we never pass our clients to junior employees. The same person who greets you and welcomes you to the process will be with you up until and after closing.

About SoCal Platinum Properties in San Dimas, California

Mortgage Lending ServicesAt SoCal Platinum Properties, we offer unique perks to clients who list their home to sell with us. One benefit that we provide, which most other realtors do not, is that we will pay for and arrange to have a home inspection before we put your home on the market. The reason we do this is because we want to eliminate potential potholes down the road, when prospective buyers could use items the home inspector uncovers as an excuse to pay less than they bid. What’s more, resolving minor repairs on the front end often means you can ask more for your home rather than selling it “as is.” To find out more about how to take advantage of this perk and list your home with SoCal Platinum Properties, call (213) 709-5178 today or compete this contact form.