Moving? Don’t forget about hidden costs!

Moving? Don’t forget about hidden costs!

Thirty-one million AmericansMove Box Relocate move each year. No matter where you relocate, moving costs add up. Whether moving from one side of town to the other or cross state lines; make sure you budget for expenses. The more obvious?

  • Earnest money for a deposit on a rental or a down payment applied to escrow for a new home.
  • Hiring movers or renting a truck and doing the heavy lifting yourself.
  • Paying for gas either back-and-forth when your two homes are close or from one distant locale to another.

Unfortunately, some people fail to account for hidden costs which can break the bank. To guard against this, don’t forget to consider the following expenses when planning your move:Calculator House Move

  • Boxes
  • Tape (You might find it worthwhile to invest in a tape gun.)
  • Markers (to clearly label every package)
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

Moving with Pets

Dog and Move with BoxesMoving is stressful not just for people but for their beloved pets, as well. Since most of us consider animals members of the family, plan what to do with them during the actual move. If you leave them running amok, they could get underfoot. This could injury someone who is carrying heavy boxes. On the other hand, your dog or cat could run out of an open door. Therefore, you may want to consider boarding your pet on moving day. But before booking, make sure the pet is up to-date with vaccinations.

Security DepositCheck Security Deposit

Although you may have intended to take perfect care of the rental unit you are leaving behind, accidents happen. So, don’t automatically assume your landlord will return every penny of your deposit. Relying on this could be a mistake. For example, you may have unintentionally damaged walls or worn carpet beyond what is considered “normal wear and tear.”

Do everything honor the terms of your lease in hopes that the property manager will return your full deposit. One way to do this is to make sure you provide at least 30 days’ notice, or whatever terms you agreed to when you moved in.  Also, thoroughly clean the property before you leave.

What You Leave Behind

Large Items to MoveIf you opt to hire a moving company, most require you to complete a thorough inventory of what you want them to move. However, certain bulky items, such as pianos and pool tables, could cost an extra fee. So, if you have any large items like this, alert the moving company estimator to avoid day-of-move-up-charges.


Storage for a MoveYou may find it necessary to store some belongings. For instance, if escrow closes on the house that you sold before it closes on the home you are buying, you may need an interim storage solution. may need to rent a storage unit for a time until everything gets figured out. So, just to be safe, consider this as part of your potential expenses.

Room & Board

Anything can happen during a move. For example, even if movers or your volunteer staff manage to unpack your belongings, you may not have time to set up beds or cook a meal for your family the day you arrive. Instead of picnicking on the living room floor, book an overnight stay in a hotel. And find one that offers free breakfast! Also, budget money for meals out until the kitchen in your new home is operational. Hotel Room Key

Moving Replaceable Items

Although you may resist the temptation to dump items that are in perfect condition, let’s face it; you probably don’t want to cart your dirty trash cans to your new home. What’s more, throw rugs that worked well in your old place may not work in your new space. If you toss items like this, make sure you budget to replace them.

Tip for Movers and/or Food for Volunteers

Moving TipsIf you hired a moving company, and enjoy good service, make sure to tip the crew. And if you rely on the help of friends and family, keep them going by providing coffee and donuts in the morning and pizza or sandwiches at the new place.

In moving, as in life, preparation is key. Prepare now for hidden expenses so you won’t be taken surprise by unexpected expenses on moving day.

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