Preparing to Sell a Home in 2022

Preparing to Sell a Home in 2022

Sell House in 2022Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

Last week, we began a two-part series about preparing to buy and/or sell a house in 2022. Our initial post covered buying. This week, we focus on how to prepare to sell a home next year.

Home Selling Forecast

Most experts agree the seller’s market will last well into 2022. Many credit this to the following:

  1. Historically low interest rates.Sell House Low Interest Rates
  2. Increased demand of houses for people who started working from home in 2020 and 2021.
  3. Low supply relative to demand.
  4. Cash reserves resulting from stimulus funds, fewer costly vacations, and increased cash to put down resulting from forbearances in both student loans and rental properties.
  5. Increased housing costs and associated higher rents will motivate many long-term renters to invest in real estate.

Quick House SaleHow to Sell a Home for a Quick Sale in 2022

  • Find a real estate agent you can trust to sell a home.

    One of the most important decisions you’ll make when you decide to list your home is to choose a listing agent. An experienced realtor who knows the area should provide concierge service. Their expertise will mean the difference between a quick sale with multiple cash offers and a long time on the market filled with compromises and reduced prices. Listing with SoCal Platinum Properties is a great move because we specialize in the Southern California real estate. Check out this Riverside home, which we sold with an all-cash offer in just 20 days!

  • Get a head start on repairs.Get House Fixed before listing it for sale

    With supply chain delays and labor shortages commonplace, schedule workers and order necessary items. One benefit that we provide, which most other realtors do not, is that we will pay for and arrange to have a home inspection before we put your home on the market. We do this because we want to eliminate potential potholes down the road. Otherwise, prospective buyers could use items the home inspector uncovers as an excuse to pay less than they bid. What’s more, resolving minor repairs on the front end often means you can ask more for your home rather than selling it “as is.”

  • Set the right price.

    Prices Set to Sell HomesIf you choose the right real estate agency, you won’t have to worry about this step. Any realtor worth their salt knows that setting the price is the single most important thing they will do on your behalf. Someone who is inexperienced may set the price too low, leaving money on the table. On the other hand, your agent should not list the home too high, as that may drive buyers to look at other properties. You don’t want your house to “get stale” by being on the market too long. Your real estate professional will run comps shortly after your first meeting. Trust their expertise when they suggest the asking price.

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