Should you Downsize?

Should you Downsize?

Downsize Real Estate MortgageAlthough much attention is given to empty nesters who downsize once their children leave home, other homeowner groups reach that same crossroads for myriad reasons. Since Southern California is currently a seller’s market, now may be the time to make a move.

Consider downsizing if any of the following apply to you:

  1. Financial Matters Pink Slip on computer screen

    Whether you’ve experienced a job change or are adjusting to a fixed income, one of the top reasons people downsize relates to finances. Reducing your monthly nut is a good idea even if things aren’t tight. You may want to travel or save for your children’s educations. With interest rates likely to increase, now is the time to pull the trigger if you’ve been toying with the idea of listing your house and buying something smaller.

  2. Health Concerns 

    Moving for health reasonsIf you want to move to a different climate for asthma, or simply escape the cold, the San Gabriel Valley, where SoCal Platinum Properties, Inc., is based, boasts a moderate climate that is perfect for people who struggle in colder climes. Another reason to downsize is when someone in the family has limited mobility and needs to move from a multiple to a single-story home. In either case, moving down is much easier than filling and maintaining a larger space.

  3. Family Changes Move House Parents with Baby

    The “go to” story for downsizing is when kids move out and leave their parents as “empty nesters.” The trend today is to take the opportunity to reduce overhead by selling the family home and moving to a smaller place. Another reason to downsize might arise when mom or dad can no longer function on their own and require first-floor access to a bedroom and bath.

  4. Simplify

    Less is More DownsizeAmericans tend to fill whatever space we have. The reaction to this is a host of homebuyers gravitating to smaller abodes, some as extreme as “tiny houses,” which are defined by having less than 1,000 square feet. Even if you don’t plan to go that small, you may enjoy the financial freedom that a compact home affords. The smaller your mortgage payment, the more disposable income you will be able to enjoy. What’s more, buying tiny could enable you to sock away more of your monthly income to guard against financial changes.

  5. Lifestyle Retired Life Change Move

    Do you want to downsize so you can go green? Or would you just enjoy having less house to clean? Your reasons for downsizing could be unrelated to age or income. If budget and number of stories do not factor into your decision to downsize, you will have a host of properties to consider if you are looking in the Inland Empire.

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