5 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Going Green Eco FriendlyEven in a seller’s market, eco-friendly homes stand out. So, if you’re considering listing your house for sale, consider implementing these affordable fixes, to position your house for multiple offers and a quick sale. While remodeling your entire kitchen could potentially generate buyer interest, such a project is as time-consuming as it is expensive. Therefore, instead of sinking big bucks into major home improvements, try these 5 green ideas, which will improve your chances for sale as well as lowering your carbon footprint, in the meantime.

5 Tips for Going Green

  1. Install an eco-friendly smart thermostat. Smart Thermostat

    Save as much as $180 a year by choosing a thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature even when you are not at home. This simple step could save you about 15 percent on your annual heating bill. Some thermostats also offer other eco-friendly features, like filter-change reminders. Make sure you choose a system that is easy to use, so it will appeal to potential buyers. Most units work in combination with Smartphone apps. So, choose one that provides the most bang for your buck.

  2. Invest in ceiling fans for an eco-friendly atmosphere.

    Ceiling Fan InstallationInstallation cost varies based on existing electrical work. However, a single fan on high speed generally consumes 50 to 100 watts of power. This results in 800 kilowatts per year for a home outfitted with four ceiling fans. This is far less than the cost of installing a central air conditioning system. So, if the home you want to sell is hot, offer relief from the hot. Note, buyers will be able to save money by using ceiling fans instead of relying on So Cal Edison. Save even more by switching the fans off when you leave the room!


  1. Caulk cracks around door and window frames.Caulk window frames

    You might be surprised to learn about how effectively this simple, inexpensive fix works at reducing the loss of heating and air. Eliminating cracks takes only a few hours but pays great dividends. Consider this: 30 percent of a home’s energy loss happens at the entryway. If you want to go green, this is an easy way to begin. Caulk is available at most warehouse, hardware, and home improvement stores. When it comes to saving energy, little things mean a lot.

  2. Plant trees.

    Plant a treeThis easy fix is great for the environment. To reduce energy costs, especially in the summer, plant trees on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home. This prevents the sun from streaming through windows, forcing the A/C to work harder. Plant a tree to shade your central air conditioning unit. Doing so may save up to 35 percent on your home’s cooling costs.

  3. Lower the temperature of your water heater to create an eco-friendly environment. Tankless Water Heater
    Setting your thermostat to 120°Farenheit reduces the average home’s annual heating costs by 15 to 25 percent. (Most of these costs relate to heating the home’s water.) This adjustment takes a little time. But you will hardly notice the difference. That is, until you see your next heating bill! Doing this could save up to $400 a year. If you want your house to stand out even more, install a tankless water heater. This reduces the cost to heat water because it only heats water on demand, rather than constantly. Buyers love this type of upgrade.

For more ideas about how to go green to appeal to eco-conscious homebuyers, see these ideas from Southern California Edison. And if you’re considering putting your house on the market, give us a call. Unlike other real estate agents, we cover the cost of an initial home inspection. This helps eliminate unwelcome surprises that could otherwise manifest after you accept an offer.

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