FSBO: Should You List Your Home or Sell by Owner?

FSBO: Should You List Your Home or Sell by Owner?

FSBO House for SaleDuring the early months of COVID-19, you may have been uncertain about the future, and shied away from making a permanent move. But as lockdowns loosen and pandemic restrictions lift, and the housing market is on fire, now is the perfect time to sell your home and relocate. Whether you plan to move down the street or across the country, list your home with an experienced real estate agency. Why not sell by owner? To find if FSBO is right for you, read on.

4 Benefits of Listing Your Home Instead of FSBOShould you list or sell your house by owner

  1. Selling a house is a complex process.

    Although you could pick up a copy of “Selling a House for Dummies,” and decide to FSBO, you won’t understand the market like an industry professional. Realtors rely on education and experience before setting a price, staging a home, hiring appraisers and home inspections, and closing sales. What’s more, real estate agents know how to write an offer that stands apart, which is exceedingly important in such a competitive market.

  2. Contacts count.

    Business ContactsWhatever industry you’re in, you have likely formed business relationships. And you probably rely on these relationships when you need a helping hand. If you attempt to FSBO, you won’t benefit from these types of connections. For example, would you know the best termite inspector in the area? Do you know a handyman or painter on whom you can rely? Or a photographer who specializes in taking glamour shots of houses? If you go it alone, you’ll be on your own.

  3. Marketing matters.Advertising a House for Sale

    Real estate and mortgage professionals, such as Ron Johnson and Jorge Abich, know how to advertise properties. They also regularly work with industry professionals such as writers, designers, and videographers. Their marketing efforts generate traffic and feed buyers to tour your property. In most cases, especially in Southern California, where SoCal Platinum Properties, Inc. is located, prospective buyers submit over-asking price offers to homes that are under contract. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the luxury of picking the best offer rather than settling for the one you manage to secure? If you sell by owner, your house will attract less foot traffic and fewer offers than if you list it.

  4. The right agent will offer perks you’ll miss out on with FSBO.

    Home Inspector At SoCal Platinum Properties, we offer unique perks to clients who list their home to sell with us. One benefit that we provide, which most other realtors do not, is that we will pay for and arrange to have a home inspection before we put your home on the market. The reason we do this is because we want to eliminate potential potholes down the road, when prospective buyers could use items the home inspector uncovers as an excuse to pay less than they bid. What’s more, resolving minor repairs on the front end often means you can ask more for your home rather than selling it “as is.” To find out more about how to take advantage of this perk and list your home with SoCal Platinum Properties, call (213) 709-5178 today or compete this contact form.  

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